Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Random garden notes

Tomato seedlings: both varieties started 3/20 have just begun to put out true leaves. They took 5-6 days to germinate but have grown fast since then.
Wonderberry: nothing yet, even though it supposedly wants the same conditions as tomatoes
Strawberry: only 2 containers have sprouts, out of 12! I didn't think strawberries should be so difficult. Planted 3/20
Mesclun mix sown in garden: beginning to sprout, though weather has mostly been chilly since planting so not much is happening.
Onion: little threadlings outside appear not bothered by cold, though not exactly growing fast either
Hardy Geranium: variety #1 is growing like mad, variety #2 is just starting
Rose Campion: first batch is doing fine, second is coming up
Thyme: sprouted recently, took about 10 days to do so
Tiarella cordifolia: nothing. maybe it needs cold stratification? if it doesn't sprout soon, I'll put it in the garden next to the original plant.
Lavendar: nothing, harrumph. might need more warmth.

Crocuses are done blooming, about 2/3 of daffodils are blooming, iris and daylily are sprouting, hosta is starting to sprout, sedum has adorable rosettes of new leaves.

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I want pictures :-)